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Bamboo Wood Wrist Watch 'Deer' for Men and Woman

Bamboo Wood Wrist Watch 'Deer' for Men and Woman

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With this stylish bamboo wrist watch, men and women have the opportunity to combine their love for both nature and planet.

The watch comes with an image of one of the most majestic animals- the deer- and the dependable wood and other plant-based materials used to make the watch will keep you on time and looking your best for years to come.

  • Features a timeless, sharp look for either men or women nature enthusiasts.
  • Great for those wishing to promote sustainable, plant-based living and avoid fast fashion.
  • Manufactured to be waterproof.
  • Materials: bamboo, wood, glass mirror, leather strap, stainless steel buckle



  • Dial diameter = 45mm for men’s & 39mm for women’s
  • Thickness = 11.5mm



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