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Bamboo Stainless Steel Coffee Thermal Mug

Bamboo Stainless Steel Coffee Thermal Mug

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Our bamboo thermal coffee mug makes your morning coffee taste better than it ever has before.

There’s something about drinking a fresh brew out of a sustainable, reusable cup, and we’re happy to share that experience with you.

If you’re looking for a sturdy coffee mug to reduce your use of plastic coffee cups, you’ve found it.

  • Great for those wishing to promote sustainable, plant-based living and avoid single-use plastics such as to-go coffee cups.
  • Features a double insulating wall that keeps drinks hot for longer as well as a leak-proof lid and foam pad base to prevent sliding.
  • Choose from two different thermal styles.
  • Materials: bamboo, wood, stainless steel



  • Height = 130mm
  • Top diameter = 70mm
  • Volume = 420ml/14oz



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