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Wheat Straw Bowl Set

Wheat Straw Bowl Set

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Our plant-based, wheat straw bowl set helps you make a difference in the most important place you can: your home.

Every contribution we make to saving the environment matters greatly, and the best way we can help is by starting where we spend the most time and resources.

These food storage bowls act as the best organizers for food and other objects found around your house.

  • Great for those wishing to promote sustainable, plant-based living with household items.
  • Features three bowls of different sizes for the perfect amount of food storage.
  • Choose your favorite box set from four different color options.
  • Materials: wheat straw, plastic


  • Small bowl = 10cm x 5.8cm, 300ml
  • Medium bowl = 13cm x 6.5cm, 500ml
  • Large bowl = 15cm x 7.5cm, 900ml



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